quality management system for continuing education institutes

Education marketing

QESplus - quality demands

The institute considers social, economic, political and individual needs respectively wants as well as developments on the job market or educational market for the development of the program.

The institute plans, develops and checks suitable marketing measures.

Necessary leadership tasks and leadership measures 

  1. Determinations about marketing strategy have to be formulated.
  2. Outward communication about work has to be ensured (e.g., activities to the public relations, advertising measures).
  3. The ratio of cost and benefit of the public relations and advertising measures has to be reflected, and to be optimized accordingly of the possibilities.
  4. Means and ways for recognizing of education needs and education wants have to be checked and protected (e.g. participant surveys, direct marketing, evaluation of job market data and statistics, information of interest groups and networks).
  5. Support possibilities and other financing options have to be checked.

Demands of AZAV

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